Honda CBR900RR Jekyll & Hyde

Honda CBR900RR ‘Jekyll & Hyde’

Style: Street Tracker or Streetfighter?

A while back we got to thinking wouldn’t it be great if you could switch back and forth between two different bike styles with just a couple of simple and quick body modifications. After much thought about styling and the technical realities the Honda CBR900RR Jekyll & Hyde was born.

Only two items require changing to switch between the different styles, the rear subframe assembly and the bash plate / belly pan. The rear subframe is attached with just four bolts and a quick release electrical connector, once these have been undone the entire subframe, seat unit and light are removed in one and swapped for the alternative item. Likewise the bash plate or belly pan are held on by only a few bolts and can be changed in a matter of minutes.

Status: Concept

BIKE: 1990’s Honda CBR900RR
FRONT END: Kawasaki ZX10R front forks, wheel and brakes
REAR END: Honda VFR800 swingarm, Ducati 1098 wheel and brakes
EXHAUSTS: Standard headers with custom titanium silencer
HEADLIGHTS: Twin 10cm units

For ‘Jekyll’
Custom rear sub-frame
Custom seat
Custom bash plate

For ‘Hyde’
Modified original rear subframe
Seat Unit: Aprilia RSV4R
Custom belly pan