Motorcycle Brake Caliper Exchange

Motorcycle Caliper Exchange Service

Simply swap your old calipers for fully refurbished items.
Keep your motorcycle on the road with the absolute minimum of down time. Our brake calipers are offered on an exchange basis, so we will need your old calipers in return.
Fast service, send your old calipers to us and we will straight away swap them for a set of reconditioned items. Or, our even faster still service, pay a deposit and we will send out reconditioned calipers in advance and then refund the deposit when you return your old brake calipers to us, the ideal option for when it is not an option to have your bike off the road.

Rebuild Specifications
We think differently. We don’t do ordinary.
The way we do this is by making products the best they can be. Our calipers are beautifully finished using only the best components and the most advanced processes currently available.
Our reconditioned calipers far exceed the OEM standard, they are completed to a ultra high specification far superior to what they were brand new.
Finished in Cerakote ceramic coating (your colour otions) which is a State-of-the-Art polymer ceramic composite coating. This is a thin film ultra light coating that not only looks factory but has abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance and heat resistance like no other coating, resulting in super tough calipers that will hold up outstandingly in all weather conditions.
Attention to detail, there is a mysterious element hidden in details that make something look just right, standout from the crowd, which is why our calipers are finished with all new sleek stainless steel or titanium hardware. Not only visually pleasing but also eliminating any future corrosion issues.
Then there are hidden details, like the seal grooves being treated, with ACF50, to prevent corrosion, by far the biggest cause of sticking pistons. Also the pistons themselves, all our replacement pistons are stainless steel, made in the UK to precise tolerances and will last a lifetime.
It is in the details that will ultimately pay the greatest results in terms on longevity of function and asthetics.
….there is no compromise!
Colour Inspiration
Over 100 ceramic colour options to enhance and individualise your calipers. This means that there is always a colour to match your style! see colour chart
Below is a sample selection of colours and calipers to help you visualise your project or check out our gallery of coated calipers.