Kawasaki GPZ750 Retro

Kawasaki GPZ750 Retro

Style: Retro Cafe Scrambler

This is a complete re-working of the GPZ750 Unitrak transforming this 1980’s middleweight sports bike into an ultra cool retro cafe scrambler.

The stance and aesthetics of this machine is defined by the use of the classic 1970’s Z1 900 fuel tank, de-seamed at the back for a better seat fit. The rear subframe is then re-worked and a custom seat fabricated to complement the fuel tank choice. The monochrome theme is continued with the bare metal engine casings, carbs, downpipes and exhaust tips contrasting against the black frame, engine cylinders, forks and wheels. Add in exposed electrics, two shorty megaphone silencers, a traditional single headlamp with metal guard, plus some Heidenau K60 big block tyres and the retro cafe scrambler look is complete.

Status: Completed

BIKE: 1984 Kawasaki GPZ750 A Series
FRONT END: Standard Kawasaki GPZ750
SWINGARM: Standard Kawasaki GPZ750
FUEL TANK: 1974 Kawasaki Z1 900
EXHAUSTS: Modified GPZ750R headers with a pair of shorty megaphone silencers
HEADLIGHTS: Single headlight setup
FRAME: De-tabbed and re-worked rear sub-frame
SEAT: Custom made seat with embossed ‘Ragged Moto’ Logo