Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service

Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service

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£ 36.99 - £ 105.97
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service

Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service

£ 36.99 - £ 105.97
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Professional Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Restore Your Brakes to Peak Performance!
If you are reading this the chances are you have seized or leaking calipers or possibly your bike has been stood unused for a while and you want peace of mind. If so then revitalize your tired old calipers to their optimal condition!
Our skilled technicians specialise in restoring brake calipers back to the same mechanical function and efficiency as when they left the factory.
Level 1: Full Mechnical Rebuild (no cosmetic work)
  • Comprehensive Rebuild: a complete strip down including extracting seized pistons without causing further damage, clean (special attention given to the seal grooves to make sure all corrosion is removed), dry and then careful inspection checking for wear and damage.
  • Report Back To You: if any extra work or parts are required and the options available to you.
  • Premium Quality Components: we replace pressure seals, dust seals, caliper body half seals with new top-notch, OEM-grade seals to ensure longevity and reliability. (Some Brembo and Grimica calipers may incur a small surcharge, usually £10 - £15, to cover the increased cost of parts ).
  • Attention To Detail: all pistons are polished and seal grooves also treated to resist future corrosion. (new pistons are NOT included and are rarely required, if they are you will be informed).
  • Precision Assembly: each caliper is reassembled with precision and care. Our technicians follow a procedural approach of meticulous, methodical, diligent and disciplined.
  • Pressure Testing: before returning your rebuilt brake calipers they undergo a thorough pressure testing procedure to ensure perfect function and safety. You can trust that the first time you pull the lever you will stop! (and everytime thereafter).
  • Our Guarantee: rebuilt items come with a standard 12 months mechanical warranty, this extends to 24 months if new pistons are fitted, any issues and we will rework them.
Level 2: Mechanical Rebuild with Cerakote® Ceramic Coating
Don't miss out on this opportunity. Upgrade while your calipers are dismantled!
The daddy of all coatings, Cerakote® is the worlds leader in thin film ceramic coating technology. Cerakote® is a state-of-the-art high temperature thin film polymer ceramic composite coating, a ultra high quality, high end finish that far exceeds OEM Spec.
  • Unparalleled Protection: being ceramic it is extremely hard, in fact it is the strongest thin film ceramic coating in the world. It's durability is second to none and it provides corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and resistance to chipping and fading like no other coating.
  • Extreme Heat Resistance: engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, Cerakote® ceramic coating provides exceptional heat dissipation, reducing brake fade and ensuring consistent braking performance.
  • Thin Film: as Cerakote® is applied only 12 – 25 microns thick (thin film) it makes the ideal product for motorcycle brake calipers as it looks factory. It is not heavy and bulky like powder coating is.
  • Vibrant Colour Options: express your style with a over 200 vibrant and eye-catching colour options. To view click image swatch below.
Cerakote Colour Swatches
Please Note: while it may be possible for us to polish out any minor marks or scratches Cerakote® will not hide scuffs or gouges.
Extra Engineering
Sometimes calipers come to us needing extra work and by far the most common issue is seized or snapped off bleed screws. If it is just seized DO NOTHING simply package up your caliper and send it to us, we can normally remove these at no extra cost!
Where the bleed screw has snapped we can repair and usually successfully without damaging the threads, in these cases there is a nominal charge of £15 per bleed screw.
For a minority of more stubborn cases where a thread repair is required the cost can rise up to around £35 per bleed screw, an accurate price can be given after appraisal.

Sending and Receiving

UK Customers - 'Free Two-Way Shipping' after you've placed your order we will send you a shipping label, you safely package up your calipers then take them to a drop off point close by (usually a local store or post office). After we are finished we will send them back to your home carriage free. Don't worry, all instructions will be emailed to you after you have made the purchase.
International Customers - we accept work from customers anywhere in the world, simply package up your components and send them to us via the carrier of your choice. After they are finished we will organise the shipping back to you.
Fast Turnaround Time - from us receiving your calipers, 4-5 working days for a straight rebuild or upto 10 days if you require ceramic coating.

The Small Print

  • All prices quoted are for a single brake caliper if your require a pair rebuilding then change the quantity option to two.
  • Please enclose contact details, bike details (make/model/year) and any known issues when sending items to us.
  • When sending calipers to us please remove all ancillary items, brake pads, pad pins, bleed screws, shims, etc, unless seized then we can remove them for you.
  • In the very occasional event you are not happy with an updated price there will be an assessment charge to cover the cost of the work already performed.
  • Payment for any extra work carried out or parts supplied will become due upon completion of your calipers.
  • Delivery insurance protection is limited to a max. of £150 (this can be increased to £1000 for an extra fee of £7.50 each way, please message requesting this before sending your calipers).


1 Reviews for Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service

  • Caliper re-build / Refurbishment - Friday, September 16, 2022
    Excellent service. Had been left on a bike stored for 20 years and various parts seized up. Came back looking like new. Fast and efficient service. Highly recommended.
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