Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)

Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)

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£ 319.99
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)
Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)

Tokico 4 Pot Kawasaki Calipers (pair)

£ 319.99
Model Number: SKU049
Fully reconditioned Tokico Kawasaki front brake calipers, left and right.

ZZR550 93-94
ZX6R 95-97
ZZR600 93-03
ZXR750 93-95
ZZR1100 93-01

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Extras / Upgrades
UPGRADE - Standard SS 'Socket Cap' Joining Bolts x 8
(see image)
UPGRADE - Polished SS 'Taper Cap' Joining Bolts x 8
(see image)
(+£ 40.00 )
ADD - Stainless Steel Pad Pins & 'R' Clips x 2
(see image)
(+£ 8.00 )
ADD - Stainless Steel Bleed Screws x 2
(see image)
(+£ 10.00 )
ADD - Stainless Steel Banjo Bolts & Copper Washers x 2
(see image)
(+£ 10.00 )
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Professionally Reconditioned Tokico Kawasaki Brake Calipers
No more waiting to receive back your refurbished calipers. Our brake calipers are offered on either an exchange basis, so we will need your old calipers in return, or for outright purchase, no exchange required.
Keep your motorcycle on the road with the absolute minimum of down time.
We think differently. We don't do ordinary.
The way we do this is by making products the best they can be. Our calipers are beautifully finished using only the best components, the most advanced processes available and a procedural approach of meticulous, methodical, diligent and disciplined. read more...

Caliper Specifications

  • Caliper body coated, in your colour choice, using Cerakote® the worlds leading thin film ceramic coating technology
  • Logo finished in your colour choice or bare metal
  • Brand new stainless steel pistons, made in the UK to precise tolerances that will last a lifetime
  • Brand new main piston seals, dust seals and caliper half seals
  • Black 'High Tensile' caliper joining bolts
    (see image)
  • Caliper seal grooves treated using advanced polar bonding technology, as close to zero corrosion as nature will allow
  • Tokico four piston brake calipers for Kawasaki (see fitment list)
  • Axial fitment 62mm bolt spacing
  • 30mm pistons
  • Two x front calipers, left and right sides
  • Pressure tested to ensure perfect function and safety
  • Rebuilt items come with a standard 24 months warranty

Purchase Options

Exchange Options: (currently a 7-10 day lead time to the point of exchange)
1. 'Exchange (No Deposit)' - send your old calipers to us and we will swap them for reconditioned items.
2. 'Exchange (With Deposit)' - for an additional deposit we can send out reconditioned calipers in advance and then refund the deposit when you return your old brake calipers to us.
Non-Exchange Options:
3. 'Own Calipers Refurbished the Returned' - have your own calipers refurbished to our usual high spec.
4. 'Outright Purchase' - instead of swapping your calipers you purchase the calipers outright, no exchange (currently a 7-10 day lead time).

Fitment List

Kawasaki Fitments
ZZR550 93-94 (ZX500 D1-D2)
ZX6R Ninja 95-97 (ZX600 F1-f3)
ZZR600 93-03 (ZX500 E1-E11P)
ZXR750 93-95 (ZX750 L1-L3)
ZZR1100 93-01 (ZX1100 D1-D9, G2-G4)
Associated Kawasaki Parts:
430411498FE (43041-1498-FE) Right Body
430411497FE (43041-1497-FE) Left Body
430411699FE (43041-1699-FE) Right Body
430411698FE (43041-1698-FE) Left Body

Sending and Receiving

UK Customers - 'Free Two-Way Shipping' - for all 'exchange' and 'own caliper refurbished' options we arrange the shipping in both directions. All instructions and shipping labels will be provided after purchase. If you purchase calipers outright we will send them to you carriage free!
International Customers - we accept orders from customers anywhere in the world. For all 'exchange' and 'own caliper refurbished' options you will need to arrange shipment of your calipers to us via a carrier of your choice. We will arrange all caliper shipments from us to you.

The Small Print

  • All prices quoted are for a pair of brake calipers.
  • Brake calipers to be exchanged must be like for like, same manufacturer and same caliper model. (We DO NOT accept non genuine calipers or copies.)
  • Exchanged calipers must be in a servicable condition. No parts must be broken off and no major scuffs or gouges (if in doubt please contact us).
  • Seized pistons, rusty pistons, broken or seized bleed screws, pad pins, bolts, etc all accepted no problem.
  • Rebuilt calipers are supplied without ancillary items (eg pad springs, anti squeal shims, plastic covers, etc) unless otherwise stated, so please remove those items before sending your old calipers.
  • These are reconditioned calipers and are exactly that, they are NOT brand new and occasionally may have some small imperfections.

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