Suzuki SV650 Tracker

Suzuki SV650 Tracker

Style: Modern Street Tracker

The traditional street tracker vibe has never really sat well on more modern bikes and most are based on a 1970’s or 80’s donar bike. This inspired Ragged Moto to see if we could create a modern street tracker with a retro accent from a much newer base.

Take a second generation SV650 mix modern advanced sports bike suspension and brakes with a traditional street tracker subframe and handlebars and the outcome is Ragged Moto’s Suzuki SV650 Tracker. Enhancing the visual element further is a bespoke super lightweight full titanium exhaust system.

A very similar creation can be built from a first generation SV650 (the one with a more rounded less angular frame spars) and also from Suzuki’s SV1000 range.

Status: Concept

BIKE: 2003 second generation Suzuki SV650
FRONT END: 2009 Yamaha YZF-R6
SWINGARM: 2005 Kawasaki ZX6-R
EXHAUSTS: Custom titanium complete system
HEADLIGHTS: Triple headlight setup – 2 low-1 high
FRAME: Ragged Moto design rear sub-frame
HEADLIGHTS: Custom made seat with embossed ‘Ragged Moto’ Logo