Kawasaki GPZ750 R M Tracker

Kawasaki GPZ750 R M Tracker

Style: Retro Modern Tracker

We’ve always thought that the lines of the ‘A’ series GPZ750 tank with its tank top display would make a superb base for an ultra cool street tracker. Ragged Moto has gone for a mix of retro and modern hence the retro-modern tag. The rear section of the bike has been removed and replaced with classic trellis design subframe, providing retro accents, contrasting against the ultra modern superbike front end with upside down forks and radial brakes.

The original GPZ750 tank unit has had the paint stripped off and replaced with a nickel plated livery matched by bare metal nuances on the the engine casings, headers and exhaust tips. Adding in a single large headlight, for the more classic attire, and an opposing all modern integrated keyless ignition system enhances the postmodern feel. The Ragged Moto GPZ750 R M Tracker also benefits from a power upgrade from a 810cc big bore kit.

Status: In The Workshop

BIKE: 1980’s Kawasaki GPZ750 A Series
FRONT END: Yamaha YZF R6 (black)
SWINGARM: Standard Kawasaki GPZ750
FUEL TANK: Standard Kawasaki GPZ750 Nickel Plated
ENGINE: Upgraded 810cc big bore kit
KEYLESS IGNITION: Contact free digital ignition lock with RFID technology
EXHAUSTS: Standard headers with a pair of shorty megaphone silencers
HEADLIGHTS: Single headlight setup
FRAME: De-tabbed with ‘Trellis Style’ rear sub-frame
SEAT: Custom made seat with embossed ‘Ragged Moto’ Logo