Yamaha XJ900 Retro

Yamaha XJ900 Retro

Style: Retro Scrambler

An uber cool retro scrambler style motorbike that transcends its humble 1980’s XJ900 origins. The original XJ900 was always a competent bike underpinned by Yamaha’s bullet proof 900cc in-line four, perfect elements for a large capacity street scrambler.

The transformation starts with an old school Z900 tank, the rear subframe is re-worked to lower the seat height and the front forks shortened to create the classic scrambler stance. Aesthetics are further enhanced by way of a pair of high quality shocks, hand stitched seat and two shorty megaphone silencers. Completing the retro look some chunky oversized tyres.

A very similar creation can also be built from a, pre-diversion, Yamaha XJ600.

Status: Concept

BIKE: Late 80’s / early 90’s Yamaha XJ900 (pre diversion)
FRONT END: Standard Yamaha XJ900 (height modified)
SWINGARM: Standard Yamaha XJ900
FUEL TANK: Kawasaki Z900
EXHAUSTS: Standard headers with a pair of shorty megaphone silencers
HEADLIGHTS: Single headlight setup
FRAME: De-tabbed and re-worked rear sub-frame
SEAT: Custom made seat with embossed ‘Ragged Moto’ Logo